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There are a lot of people who care deeply about Columbia. Everyone has their own ideas, opinions, thoughts, concerns, and dreams for the community. Recently, under the strategic direction of Columbia Association President/CEO Lakey Boyd with support from the CA Communications & Marketing team, a new forum called The Columbia Conversation was created.

The Columbia Conversation is designed to be an online space at where residents can come together and talk. This is your chance to express what you love (and don’t love) about this community. Columbia Association (CA) has initiated this effort to offer opportunities to tap in, get involved and feel more invested in our shared future. Hopefully, it will get everyone thinking about what they value and how to grow.

Getting started should be easy and exciting. Tap into a topic you’re already passionate about or think deeper about something new. It’s up to you! As many people as possible are encouraged to join in on the conversation. All ideas, perspectives and contributors are welcome. There are many ways to become involved. Visit to learn more about the opportunities available.

Currently there is not a specific destination in mind for where this conversation will go, but CA is committed to getting it started. CA will work to ensure that this is a safe space where discussions are respectful and constructive. CA intends to learn more about what residents want through these conversations. The feedback received will be used to inform decisions at CA. Additionally, they’ll look for opportunities to pass information onto their community

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