Winter Makes a Mess!

Remember that resolution you made back in January – to be a good neighbor? Although March 20 is the official first day of spring, wintery weather may hang around for a few more weeks. With all the rain and snow that we’ve been experiencing, winter has surely affected the appearance of houses and yards throughout River Hill! It’s time to remember that resolution and begin planning your spring cleanup. Part of being a good neighbor means maintaining your property to maintain high property values. As you begin making a list of what needs to be done, keep in mind the village covenants in order to have the community looking its best.

Here are some things that probably require your attention and need improvement as soon as the weather permits:

Driveways: With all the water runoff, driveways are soiled and stained. Perhaps you have driven on the grass along the edge of your driveway creating deep ruts that need to be repaired and returned to the lush grass that was once there. Remember that parking cars on your lawn is never an option. If you need additional parking and want to widen your driveway, please complete an Exterior Alteration Application, which is available on the association’s website at or at Claret Hall.

Trash Can/Recycle Bin Storage: Your garage is jam-packed. We get it. That’s still no excuse for leaving your trash cans and recycle bins in plain view at the front of your house, or even in your side yard. The covenants state in Article VIII Section 8.06 that other than the day of pickup, ” …at all other times such containers shall be stored in such a manner so that they cannot be seen from adjacent and surrounding property.”

Yards: Branches, leaves and debris are scattered across many yards and gardens throughout the village. Please pick them up and dispose of them with other yard waste in paper bags or tied in small bundles on your regular recycling collection day. River Hill receives year-round yard waste pick up

Holiday Lights: The holidays are over. Take the lights down!

Stay tuned for next month’s spring clean up guide and tips on how to clean vinyl siding, proper tree maintenance and much more! These are the little things that help preserve high property values in addition to showing a high-quality community.

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