Why Wasn’t My Recycling Picked Up?

As of June 15, 2019, any type of plastic bags/film are no longer accepted in recycling. Items placed out for recycling should be loose in the county assigned recycling bin/ cart. Recyclables will not be collected curbside if they are in plastic bags – this includes yard waste. Plastic bags and film should be taken to your local retail or grocery store. All plastic bags and film are not acceptable in curbside recycling. This includes:
• Grocery/retail bags
• Mattress/furniture covers
• Newspaper bags
• Bread bags
• Dry cleaning bags
• Plastic wrap from toilet paper rolls, napkins, paper towels, bottles of water, etc.• Produce bags
• Frozen vegetable bags
• Food storage bags
• Bubble wrap
• Air filled bags for packaging

Did you know that 11% of the stuff Howard County residents think is recyclable and put in their blue bin doesn’t belong there and ends up as trash? Your help is needed to keep Howard County’s recycling clean and marketable. Contaminated or improper materials cause problems at recycling processors
and downgrades the end product. For more information and a fun online recycling sorting game, visit www.howardcountymd.gov/Departments/Public-Works/Bureau-Of-Environmental-Services/Recycling.

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