What Requires an Exterior Alteration Application?

The Association has established 60 architectural guidelines that cover exterior alterations and property maintenance for residential properties in the village. These guidelines address the most common exterior improvements. It is impossible to write guidelines to cover all possible exterior changes. However, if you find no guideline for your planned change and it will affect the exterior of your home or yard, you must refer to Guideline 61 and submit a completed Exterior Alteration Application. Not knowing that approval by the Architectural Committee is needed is not an excuse for neglecting to fill out an Exterior Alteration Application and submitting it for review. Any homeowner who makes an exterior alteration without approval is in violation of the Covenants.

Typically, the most forgotten alterations are exterior lighting changes and additions; outdoor electronics such as speakers, stereos, and TV’s; vegetable gardens that are not behind the side sight lines of the house; any garden that exceeds 225 square feet regardless of placement; permanent deer netting; the use of stones and or rocks; generators; and dog houses.

During the review process, the Resident Architectural Review Committee and the Architectural Committee take into consideration factors such as varying lot size, the configuration of the home on the lot, and topography. The Committees recognize the unique character of every property and work hard to balance the needs of the property owner with the intent of the Guidelines and the impact on neighboring properties, open space, and the streetscape.

The overall purpose of the Architectural Guidelines is to serve as a guide to homeowners in maintaining and enhancing their property while maintaining the aesthetics of the Village of River Hill. Following the architectural review process and adhering to the guidelines allows each owner to enjoy the tranquility of their home and remain in compliance with the Covenants.

The Village of River Hill Architectural Guidelines were updated a few years ago. The Guidelines can be viewed individually online at www.villageofriverhill.org, Quick Links: Architectural Guidelines or a full set of Guidelines may be purchased at Claret Hall for $9.

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