Volunteers Needed to Review Association Election Procedures

The River Hill Community Association’s Board of Directors (RHBOD) has chartered a special committee to review the procedures for nominating and electing candidates for the Board and the Columbia Council Representative. The committee will be called the River Hill Election Procedures Review Committee (RHEPRC). The purpose of the committee is to review the election procedures that the Election Committee follows, to ensure that the procedures comply with the River Hill Community Association’s legal documents, bylaws, and state and county laws. The RHEPRC will utilize the report submitted by the FY21 Election Committee as the basis for the review. The goals include advising the RHBOD on whether and how to implement alternative balloting procedures, including but not limited to electronic and mail in voting; improving the nomination process; rules regarding campaign contribution; and alternative voting methods.

Resident volunteers are needed to serve on this committee. If you have experience with election processes, are passionate about the democratic process, or other related experience and knowledge, this might be the opportunity for you! The RHBOD asks that interested residents submit letters of interest c/o Village Manager at manager@villageofriverhill.org.

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