Volunteers are Key

Every year we recognize residents who volunteer with the River Hill Community Association to make the Village of River Hill a better place. Volunteers are essential to village governance, tackling issues such as traffic, safety, and environmental sustainability at the local level, ensuring the architectural review processes run smoothly, and involving community members of all ages. There are abundant opportunities for all who are interested to volunteer in some capacity.

Serving on the Board of Directors is one crucial way for residents to volunteer. Every resident of the Village, age 18 and up, is considered a member of the Association and may participate in annual Village Elections to elect a Board of Directors who serve two-year terms. The members of the River Hill Board of Directors (RHBOD) volunteer their time to oversee association operations, establish policies and procedures, and advocate on behalf of the community. Every two years, residents also elect a Columbia Council Representative, who serves as a member of the Columbia Association’s Board of Directors and as an ex officio member of the RHBOD.

The RHBOD has established several committees for which residents may volunteer. Currently, the following committees are in need of volunteers:

Resident Architectural Committee – Reviews exterior alteration and in-home business applications, conducts site visits, and makes recommendations regarding approval to the Architectural Committee.

Architectural Committee – Responsible for final decisions on exterior alteration and in-home business applications and any related appeals by residents, promulgates rules and regulations relating to the architectural review processes, and enforces the covenants.

Development Advisory Committee – Reviews development plans in the surrounding area, assesses the impact on the Village and its residents, and coordinates with the RHBOD to advocate on behalf of the community.

Election Committee – Responsible for the proper conduct of the elections for the Columbia Council Representative and the Board of Directors including the establishment of rules and regulations and the preparation and distribution of ballots.

Watershed Advisory Committee – Educates and engages residents on efforts to reduce storm water runoff and erosion to improve watershed quality and promotes the use of native plants in the landscape to enhance biodiversity.

We are grateful for all the volunteers who contribute to the Association and build a sense of community. If you are interested in serving on one or more of these committees, please contact the Village Manager, Renee DuBois, at manager@villageofriverhill.org.