Village Elections are Coming! Run for the Board of Directors

Residents in the Village of River Hill are fortunate to have the opportunity to elect the members of the community association’s Board of Directors. This year there are four positions to fill and Election Day will be held on Saturday, April 30. Each open position has a two-year term (May 1, 2016 – April 30, 2018). Although current Board members Dave Clark, Will McCullough, Esti Schabelman, and Liyan Zhang may decide to run, now is the time for other members of the community to step forward and “throw their hats in the ring!” Serving on the Board of Directors is an excellent way for residents who are passionate about issues impacting the village or have ideas on ways to improve association operations to become involved and give back to the community.

To run for election, a valid nomination petition must be submitted by March 21. For convenience a nomination petition is available here or can be found on page 18 in the March issue of The Villager. Nomination petitions and candidate information packets are also available at Claret Hall through March 21.

The Board of Directors works closely with the Columbia Association, other Columbia villages, the County government, and others to provide services and enhance the quality of life for village residents. The Board sets policy, establishes the Association’s annual budget, oversees the finances, advocates on behalf of the community, and works in conjunction with a variety of volunteer committees and association staff to strengthen the community. Residents interested in running for election are encouraged to attend an upcoming Board meeting and to contact the current Board Members to learn more about the roles and responsibilities.

Election Committee volunteers are still needed. Not interested in a 2-year commitment but want to support the democratic process in your own backyard? The Election Committee is appointed by the Board and is responsible for ensuring that the Association’s elections run smoothly on April 30. The Committee oversees the elections guaranteeing that the Association’s by-laws and election procedures are followed. When there is a contested race, the Election Committee organizes and runs a Candidate’s Forum. Serving on this committee is a short-term commitment and any member of the Association eligible to vote in the next election may volunteer.

For more information on running for the Association’s Board of Directors or to volunteer for the Election Committee, contact the Village Manager, Susan Smith, at or 410-531-1749.

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