Velvet Path Pond Spillway Replacement and Channel Stabilization Project

The Howard County Department of Public Works will be undertaking a construction project in the community to repair and upgrade the existing stormwater pond and its infrastructure; and to stabilize the associated outfall and stream banks (Project D-1159). This stormwater pond is located near the northeast corner of Summer Sunrise Drive and Velvet Path.

Construction will include:

  1. Installing a construction entrance and access road near the intersection of Velvet Path and Summer Sunrise Drive;
  2. Implementing the approved erosion and sediment control plan;
  3. Excavating the pond to improve water quality treatment;
  4. Installing new sand filter, riser structure, and principal spillway pipe;
  5. Grading of the pond as necessary within the existing limits of the pond;
  6. Stabilizing the outfall structure of the pond and downstream stream; and
  7. Removing sediment controls and re-stabilizing any disturbed areas through vegetative plantings.

The consultant has prepared construction drawings showing the proposed work. Permits are being obtained and construction is anticipated to start Fall 2016. Construction is expected to take approximately eight to ten weeks, weather dependent. During that time the County will try to minimize any inconvenience this may cause the community.

While construction is ongoing, Velvet Path will remain open; however, during construction hours, it may be necessary to temporarily close the walking path from Summer Sunrise Drive that leads to the playground. The path would be reopened after construction ends each day.

If you have any questions about the project or would like to review the current construction drawings, please contact: Michele Monde, Project Manager, DPW – Storm Water Management Division at 410-313-0844 or

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