Vehicle Thefts and Thefts from Vehicles in River Hill

Recently there has been an uptick in vehicle thefts and thefts from vehicles in Howard County. On August 24, residents on several streets throughout the Pointers Run section of the village woke up to ransacked cars and stolen property. Police believe that the same group or groups of individuals commit these crimes, targeting different neighborhoods on different nights. HCPD is actively following leads and investigating each report. Additionally, patrol officers are making increased area checks of residential neighborhoods in the overnight hours.

You can make yourself less likely to be victimized. Here’s how:
• Always lock your vehicle. Yes, in some cases thieves break car windows. But often, they bypass locked vehicles.
• Do not leave keys or key fobs inside your vehicle. In many of the vehicle thefts reported, this has been the case.
• Do not leave valuables in plain sight, or in your car at all. Numerous wallets and purses have been stolen out of vehicles in the last few weeks.
• Park inside your garage if you have one and close your garage doors. Thieves have entered open garages and stolen vehicles and items out of vehicles.

Additional security measures, such as VIN etching, vehicle security systems, and a steering wheel/column lock also can be effective deterrents. You are encouraged to report any theft from vehicle to police, including if your vehicle has been tampered with but nothing has been stolen. This helps police to track trends and identify suspects. You can make a report online at or by calling the non-emergency number at 410-313-2200. For thefts in progress, always call 911.

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