Two New Classes Being Offered at Claret Hall

Sewing Classes Come to Claret Hall This Fall

Sewing classes are coming to River Hill in October. Association staff met with the instructor, Ireatha L. Day Woods to talk about the program and her background. Here’s what you can look forward to in her upcoming classes.

Ireatha has a passion for sewing and design! It all started with her interest at 10 years old in transforming sheets into beautiful slips… the rest is history! With well over thirty-plus years of experience in garment construction and design (commercial sewing), she has taught sewing courses to a wide range of ages in private and group classes. Ireatha believes the reward in teaching sewing is when a student says, “I made it myself”. She is the principal of Leonas’ Gallery and founder of the Leonas’ Gallery “shows for a cause”—where a fashion show is one of the venues to support women’s healthcare challenges such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Research for Cancer of the Vulva, and Women & Heart Disease.

Ireatha’s passion for sewing is contagious and students can expect that the classes will be filled with fun and the environment will be relaxed. “I love sewing and designing! I work very hard to encourage creativity and provide the student with a firm portfolio of skills. It’s a great life skill to have. Students will also find the sewing lessons to be more than just ordinary sewing lessons. They will learn what looks good on  them, from style to color and the camaraderie will be fabulous!

Sewing classes will be held in Claret Hall on Thursdays at 10:00 a.m.

Inspired Drawing Classes for Homeschool Artists

“We are committed to nurturing creative and innovative thinking in children,” says KidzArt Executive Director, Tracy Feld. “Homeschool parents are committed to the very same things. We’ve been working hand-in-hand for years.” This fall, KidzArt is bringing its challenging and vibrant homeschool classes to Claret Hall in River Hill every Tuesday afternoon, working with children ages 5 to 14 on perceptual drawing projects that pack a lot of “wow.”

KidzArt is well known in our area for afterschool classes at Clarksville Elementary and Pointer’s Run. Ebbie Slacum, KidzArt’s instructor for the class, is a legend among homeschool kids. “My kids keep wanting to go back, just to see Miss Ebbie,” said one homeschool mom, “It’s amazing how she draws everyone in, regardless of age, ability, or learning style. This uncommon class has been a great part of school for my family, and I cannot believe the gorgeous works that come home.”KidzArt’s Homeschool Drawing classes will meet Tuesdays, 1-2 pm, Oct. 5 to Dec.7 in Claret Hall.

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