Trash and Recycling Tips

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Follow these tips to help keep our community looking its best:
• Keep your trash cans and recycling bins screened from view when it’s not your pick-up day. Remember, Article VIII, Section 8.06 of the River Hill Covenants requires that these containers be “…stored in such a manner so they cannot be seen from adjacent and surrounding property.”
• Don’t like, or don’t have room, to keep your trash and recycling bins in your garage? Submit plans and obtain Architectural Committee approval to construct a trash enclosure. Do this before you build it!
• Unless you are able to put your trash bags at the curb as the truck comes down the street, please use cans with lids. Crows and other animals do get into plastic bags left out overnight and frequently strew the trash around the street. Aside from looking nasty, the contents often pose a health and safety risk to pets and animals. If this does happen to you, be considerate of your neighbors and pick up the area promptly.
• Have you been pruning your shrubs and trees, or did Mother Nature take care of that for you during one of the recent storms? PLEASE remember your 4’s: each item under 40 pounds; each item must be less than 4 feet long; limbs must be under 4 inches in diameter and must be tied or bundled together (not to exceed 18″ in diameter); and yard waste must be put out BEFORE 6 a.m.
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