April 2, 2020 – June 3, 2020 Architectural Decisions

Decisions Rendered During Stay-at-Home Order

6316 Velvet Path: Tree Removal

Clipper Lane Condominium: Accessory Ramp, Driveway Material Change

6508 Early Lily Row: Roof Solar Panels

6424 Fairest Dream Lane: Patio, Deck

6104 White Marble Court: Deck Stain

6316 Velvet Path: Tree Removals

6005 Ascending Moon Path: Tree Removals

5700 Whistling Winds Walk: Tree Removals

6404 Enchanted Solitude Place: Portico

6525 Radiant Gleam Way: Patio

6413 Reedy Song Knoll: Security

6005 Countless Stars Run: Deck

6604 Gleaming Sand Chase: Deck, Hot Tub

Approved With Condition

6513 Apple Blossom Ride: Fence (Picket)

5907 Indian Summer Drive: Fence

June 3, 2020 Virtual Meeting

7152 Morning Light Trail: Pool Part 2

6301 Morning Time Lane: Tree Removals

6337 Departed Sunset Lane: Portico

6465 Onward Trail: Tree Removals

7087 Garden Walk: Basketball Equipment

May 20, 2020

7152 Morning Light Trail: Pool Part 1

6411 Western Star Run: Walkway, Front Yard Patio

5860 Indian Summer Drive: Deck

6408 Mellow Wine Way: Playset


7112 Morning Light Trail: Deck Stain

6301 Enchanted Key Gate: Tree Removal

6314 Eastern Star Way: Tree Specimen Change

5860 Indian Summer Drive Roof: Color Change

6411 Western Star Run: Walkway


6581 River Run: Vinyl Privacy Fence

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