Theft Prevention Tips

While final Howard County crime statistics are still being compiled through the end of 2010, a preliminary review of the year shows a decrease in violent crimes.  According to the Police Department, a review of the first 11 months of the year shows a significant drop in robberies, rapes and aggravated assaults.  Homicides increased from two in 2009 to four in 2010; all were domestic in nature.  Theft cases are down approximately 6.7 percent, with a drop from 4,946 through November of 2009 to 4,612 through November of 2010.  However, burglaries appear to be up approximately 13 percent, a total of 174 cases, during the same time period in 2010.  This is primarily attributed to three separate incidents in 2010 in which 179 storage units were burglarized.  Each unit was classified as an individual burglary in the data.  Detectives have closed 159 of these cases by arrest and continue to investigate the remaining incidents.
Residents can help to deter crime in the Village of River Hill by following these tips:

When you are in or leaving your home:

  • Lock your doors;
  • Illuminate your house using both a front and back porch light;
  • Know your neighbors, and learn their habits;
  • Let a neighbor know when you are hiring a company to work at your home; and
  • Report suspicious activity by calling 911;

When you are getting in and out of your vehicle:

  • Roll up windows;
  • Remove your keys from the vehicle;
  • Remove all items of value out of your vehicle (GPS systems and base, iPods, cell phones, laptops, loose change, bags, purses);
  • Lock your vehicle; and
  • If you have a garage door, ensure it is closed and lock the door leading to the interior of your home, as well.

This information was provided by the Howard County Police Department.

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