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The River Hill Community Association is still seeking volunteers to assist with the architectural review process. In the Village of River Hill, the Resident Architectural Committee (RAC) and Architectural Committee (AC) are made up of volunteers. Although the Association has a Covenant Advisor to provide administrative support to both committees, we rely on volunteers to keep the process working efficiently.  Due to a lack of members, the RAC is currently disbanded and this is creating an additional workload for staff that cannot be sustained indefinitely. Without a functioning RAC, the Association will have to make changes. This might include charging fees for processing applications, longer turnaround times, and other undesirable outcomes.

The RAC is a vital arm of the Architectural Committee (AC). Members of the RAC are key to maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the community by reviewing residents’ applications for modifications and improvements to the exterior of homes and yards. While the architectural review process may seem arbitrary from an individual homeowner’s standpoint, the RAC and AC are responsible for looking out for the entire community and have historically done a very good job of consistently applying the guidelines. Aside from stopping residents from painting pink polka dots on their houses, the committees’ jobs are to make sure that the size and style of the project, the type of building materials being used and the overall look of the changes adhere to the Association’s design guidelines. This helps to keep the community looking cohesive and property values high. It benefits the entire community when the architectural review process is working smoothly.

The association appreciates all the hard work residents do to make their homes and the community attractive. Keeping the RAC and the AC operating keeps our village looking great! This is why we need your help to continue! We want to encourage residents to go through the architectural review process and we want the experience to be positive. Ultimately, if residents decide not to go through the review and approval process, the potential rises for projects to be installed that are incompatible with the community. This will result in increased legal ramifications and expense for property owners and the association.

Please consider being a part of the overall well-being of the community and volunteer! The Association is accepting applications from residents of Columbia Association assessed properties in River Hill, who are 18 years and above, to become members of the RAC. The Association’s Board of Directors also needs to fill a position on the AC and is accepting letters of interest from former RAC members. Those interested should contact the Village Covenant Advisor at, or at 410-531-1749.

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