Teen Committees Provide Opportunities for Community Involvement

The River Hill Community Association is looking for motivated local youth to serve on its Student Member Committee of the Board and the Teen Advisory Committee (TAC) for the September 1, 2018 – August 31, 2019 term. These committees provide opportunities for teens to learn more about our community, interact with residents of all ages, develop organizational and leadership skills, build on their individual interests and strengths, be creative, and make new friends. They have a blast and the community benefits from their involvement.

The Board will appoint a maximum of two teens to the Student Member Committee. The current Student Members are Yamini Ananth and Cindy Tian. The Student Members attend the monthly Board of Directors meetings, have an advisory vote on issues affecting the community, act as a liaison between their schools and the association, chair the TAC, and participate in all TAC activities. Applicants for the Student Member Committee must be rising juniors or seniors.

The TAC is open to local high schoolers, incoming freshman on up. Current TAC Members are: Ashley Chen, Jeffrey Du, Toby Eegholm, Anna Feng, Alena Shen, Carol Wang, and Isabelle Zhan. The TAC members help ensure the success of many Association sponsored events and programs. They plan the crafts and games, run BINGO, construct the Haunted House, create the Association’s parade floats, encourage their friends to volunteer when extra hands are needed, help with event set up and clean up and much more. They do all this while serving as role models to the younger members of our community and giving older generations hope for the future.

Each year the Student Members and TAC are responsible for completing at least one special project. This year’s project was the Bob Ross Paint event held in March. The teens developed the concept, researched non-profits to benefit, determined what supplies were needed, created advertising, solicited donations, and ran the event. The event sold out, raised $260 for Arts Every Day, was an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and brought together a diverse group of participants for a good cause. We can’t wait to see what the committees will accomplish over the next year.

The Village Board will appoint members to both committees following an application and interview process. Applications are available below along with the Committee Charters or at Claret Hall. The application deadline is June 15. For more information, contact Leslie McDermott at 410-531-1749 or events@villageofriverhill.org.