Street Tree Trimming

You may have noticed that some of the street trees in the village have very low branches that are making it difficult to traverse the sidewalks. The Association has been receiving many calls, particularly about certain sections of Great Star Drive and Summer Sunrise Drive. The County is responsible for trimming of the street trees. However, they have a limited maintenance budget and there is a 7 – 12 year trim cycle for all roads. Due to the re-paving and re-striping of Great Star Drive, the Association is working with the County to see if special attention can be devoted to this road.

However, residents may trim the lower branches of street trees lining the roads in the Village after first notifying Howard County Department of Public Works at 410-313-7450. Trees on residential property are the responsibility of the property owner and we ask residents whose trees are making it difficult for pedestrians and cyclists to get by to trim up the branches. Remember, on  residential property an exterior alteration application may be required for tree removal or installation. Please contact the Covenant Advisor at 410-531-1749 or for clarification.

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