Solar Panel Installation Moves Forward

On October 6, the Howard County Planning Board unanimously approved the Columbia Association’s (CA) request to make a “Red-Line” revision to the previously approved site development plan for the River Hill Outdoor Pool and Meeting Room property (SDP-94-1126).  This Red-Line Revision will enable solar panels to be installed within the 30’ setback area that is along the western property line of the open space lot and abuts the exit ramp of MD 32 road right-of-way.  As a result of this approval, CA is continuing to develop plans to install pole mounted solar panels with GPS based tracking units along the berm overlooking the exit ramp.

The River Hill Village Board provided testimony to the Planning Board in support of the concept to install solar panels in this area.  However, during the October 3 presentation by Chick Rhodehamel, the Board did raise concerns regarding the safety of users of the open space, the potential for vandalism to the panels, and the need for a visually attractive installation.  CA is tentatively scheduled to present more detailed plans for the site at the December 5, 2011 River Hill Board of Directors Meeting.  Interested residents are encouraged to attend.  For details on the presentation, please check the Association’s website at as the date approaches.

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