Serve the River Hill Community: Run for Election to the Association’s Board of Directors

The legal documents for each Columbia village association establish the governance structure for the community and identify the roles and responsibilities of the members, Board of Directors (BOD), and staff. Members of the River Hill Community Association are residents ages 18 and older. These members annually elect representatives to serve on the BOD. In River Hill, the Board has a maximum of seven members with two-year, staggered terms. The terms of four current Board members will expire on April 30. Therefore, the Association is seeking nominations of residents interested in serving the community in a leadership capacity and running for election to the BOD. The nomination period runs March 1 – March 21. If you are passionate about issues impacting the village, have ideas on ways to improve association operations, or just want to become more involved and give back to the community, please consider running for one of the open positions.

The BOD works closely with the Columbia Association, other Columbia villages, the County government, and others to provide services and enhance the quality of life for village residents. The Board sets policy, establishes the Association’s annual budget, oversees the finances, advocates on behalf of the community, and works in conjunction with a variety of volunteer committees and association staff to strengthen the community. Residents interested in running for election to the Village Board are encouraged to attend an upcoming Board meeting and to contact current Board Members to learn more.

To run for election, a valid nomination petition must be submitted by March 21. For convenience a nomination petition can be found on page 12 of the March issue of The Villager. Nomination petitions and candidate information packets are also available at Claret Hall and below through March 21.

Nomination Petition 2018

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