September 2022 Architectural Decisions

AC Decisions
July 20, 2022 (Lack of Quorum)

Approved with Conditions
5917 Gentle Call: Patio: Material Change, Deck

August 3, 2022 (Lack of Quorum)
6048 Ascending Moon Path: Deck
5757 Whistling Winds Walk: Patio, Sitting Wall

August 10, 2022
Approved with Conditions
6646 Autumn Wind Circle: In-Home Business

12105 Hidden Waters Way: Roof Solar Panels
6058 Red Clover Lane: Deck: Material Change
12149 Flowing Water Trail: Tree Removal
7005 Garden Walk: Tree Removal
12117 Early Lilacs Path: Tree Removal
6101 Swift Current Way: Tree Removal
6405 Towering Elm Terrace: Roof Solar Panels