September 2021 Architectural Decisions

AC Decisions
September 1: No meeting due to holiday

August 18, 2021
6505 Radiant Gleam Way: Patio, Material Change: Deck

6001 Ascending Moon Path: Privacy Fence Partition

August 4, 2021
Approved with Condition
6301 Gentle Light Lane: Tree Removals

July 21, 2021
6001 Ascending Moon Path: Deck
5931 Gentle Call: Deck
6500 Autumn Wind Circle: Patio, Landscaping

12164 Linden Linthicum Lane: Vegetable Gardens, Compost Area, Tree Additions

12160 Linden Linthicum Lane: Front Step Railing
5705 Little Bells Row: Tree Removal
6461 Sundown Trail: Color Change: Roof, Deck, and Front Door
6525 Evensong Mews: Tree Removal
12120 Flowing Water Trail: Exterior Lighting Changes
6512 Evening Shadows Court: Tree Removal
6511 Barley Corn Row: Roof Solar Panels
12140 Flowing Water Trail: Roof Solar Panels
6311 Victorious Song Lane: Style Change: Window
6508 Hazel Thicket Drive: Tree Removal

Approved with Condition
6325 Golden Star Place Fence: Material Change

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