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The River Hill Community Association is currently seeking candidate nominations for three positions on the Board of Directors and for the village’s Columbia Council Representative. The terms of office for these open positions are two years – May 1, 2015 – April 30, 2017. The nomination period is March 1 – March 21. For a Nomination Petition click here: NOMINATION PETITION 2015

Members of the community who become involved at the village and Columbia-wide level really can have an impact. The River Hill Board of Directors has been instrumental in obtaining County bike and pedestrian safety improvements in the community; advocating for streetscape and traffic and safety improvements along MD 108 in Clarksville; supporting new initiatives to improve water quality and reduce runoff in our local watershed; and providing community feedback to shape development in the area. Board Members work in conjunction with volunteer committees and staff to build community and provide services to enhance the quality of life for village residents. The Board of Directors also sets policy, establishes the Association’s annual budget, oversees the finances, and works closely with the Columbia Association (CA) and the other Columbia villages to provide services. The Board of Directors typically meets one Monday per month.

The River Hill Columbia Council Representative serves on CA’s Board of Directors and is an ex Officio Member of the village’s Board of Directors. As a CA Board Member, the village representative is responsible for establishing CA policies, has a fiduciary responsibility to CA, communicates CA-related information to River Hill residents, and serves at the CA Board committee level. Among their many accomplishments in recent years, the CA Board of Directors has ensured that: Columbia’s lakes have been dredged and lake and pond management plans developed; energy and ADA upgrades have been made to existing facilities and new facilities such as the Haven Mind Body Wellness Center and Hobbits Glen Clubhouse have been constructed; CA’s bond rating has been maintained while paying off long term debt and bonds; and communication and engagement with the public has improved. In addition to the CA Board Meetings held the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month, there are committee and special meeting responsibilities.

For your name to be included on the ballot, a valid nomination petition must be signed by a minimum of ten (10) River Hill residents age eighteen and older and returned by March 21. Candidate statements and a photo must also be provided. Candidate statements will appear in the April issue of The Villager and the Columbia Flier election supplement. For general information on River Hill Elections click here: Background Information for Candidates 2015 A complete candidate information packet can be picked up at Claret Hall. Click here for: Columbia Council and Board Orientation Information-February 2015

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