River Hill Outdoor Pool Gets a Facelift

PoolWhen you arrive at River Hill Pool this summer to dip your toes, swim laps or catch some rays, you will notice a number of improvements Columbia Association (CA) has made over recent months.
And there are more soon to come.

CA added shade structures for the wading pool. If they look slightly out of position, that’s because they are — for now. The shade structures were positioned where the new wading pool will be built, but we wanted users to be able to enjoy the shade this summer. The new wading pool will be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Work on that will likely begin this fall, after the pool closes for the season, bringing a zero-depth (beach) entry, water features and slides. We expect the new wading pool to be ready by the time the outdoor pools reopen in 2017.


CA has already completed the new ADA-compliant parking areas, completely redone the bathrooms, installed handicapped lifts, upgraded the lighting, replaced the diving board and installed a new heater for the spa. They are also replacing the coping stones, tile and skimmers in the main pool. The main pool and spa are being replastered as well.


In total, CA is spending more than $650,000 on upgrades to the River Hill Pool.


Thank you all for making River Hill Pool one of CA’s most popular. These improvements will help make it even better — and more enjoyable for everyone.

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