RHCA Committees Need You!

With the pandemic mostly behind us and people getting back to their normal routines, the River Hill community Association’s committees and special interest groups are becoming more active and looking for new members. No experience is necessary, and it’s a great way to meet other residents of the Village. If one of the groups below appeals to you and you’d like to find out more, send an email to manager@villageofriverhill.org.

Architectural Committee (RHAC)
The River Hill Village Covenants establish the River Hill Architectural Committee. The Association’s Covenant Advisor supports the RHAC, and meetings are held 1-2 times per month. It is the responsibility of this Committee to:
• Enforce the Architectural and Maintenance Covenants;
• Establish the rules and regulations pertaining to the use and exterior of all residential property in the Village;
• Perform such duties as prescribed and permitted under the Covenants;
• Hear all resident appeals;
• Serve as the final decision-making authority on all Exterior Alteration and In-home Business applications.

Development Advisory Committee (DAC):
Established to advise the Board of Directors and hold meetings on an as needed basis to:
• Promote development that seeks to create a stronger sense of community and enhance community relationships;
• Minimize the negative impacts of development and re-development on the community;
• Improve pedestrian and bike accessibility;
• Promote environmental sustainability;
• Enhance public awareness of development matters, and
• Improve traffic and public safety.

Watershed Advisory Committee (WAC):
The WAC meets on an as-needed basis and was established to:
• Enhance public awareness of watershed problems by educating the community about pesticide and fertilizer regulations so they will make sure these substances don’t end up in our streams and eventually the Chesapeake Bay;
• Raise awareness about the benefits of reducing the amount of land devoted to monoculture lawns, which require abundant watering, pesticides and fertilizer for maintenance;
• Educate the community about rain gardens, rain barrels, the use of native plants in yards, the reuse of leaves for mulch and compost and other measures that will improve the environment and slow storm water runoff and erosion.
• Recommend projects to the River Hill Village Board that could enhance the Village while helping to slow storm water runoff.