Resident Input Needed on Tot Lot Upgrade Locations

To improve River Hill’s play spaces for children in our community, the River Hill Community Association (RHCA) has requested the Columbia Association (CA) upgrade two tot lots in the village. The Association’s goal is to upgrade one tot lot in each of the village’s two neighborhoods, Pheasant Ridge and Pointers Run, with more modern play equipment.

Based on feedback from residents, the following 3 locations received the most requests for an upgrade: Tot Lot RH-25 in Pheasant Ridge (located on Indian Summer between Summer Sky Path and Distant Thunder Trail); Tot Lot RH-22 in Pheasant Ridge (located in the center of South Wind Circle), and Tot Lot RH-04 in Pointers Run (adjacent to Summer Sunrise Drive and River Run). These three locations were shared with the community in the March newsletter and additional feedback from residents was requested. These locations have also been discussed with CA Open Space planners to determine the feasibility of an upgrade. CA Open Space planners evaluated the sites with the knowledge that existing River Hill tot lots do not meet current fall zone requirements for new playground equipment, i.e. swings, forts, etc. Thus, upgrades to any tot lot will likely require some expansion, necessitating that the initial area be large enough to support the upgrades.

The RHCA Board evaluated the two possible locations for the Pheasant Ridge tot lot upgrade based on CA’s space requirements and community feedback. The consensus of the Board is that the Pheasant Ridge tot lot location that is most central to the neighborhood, large enough to support more modern play equipment, and would serve the most residents is Tot Lot RH-25. Tot Lot RH-25 is located off Indian Summer Drive between Summer Sky Path and Distant Thunder Trail. The Board wants to hear from members of the community, particularly those whose homes are nearby, about upgrading this tot lot.

The most requested location in the Pointers Run neighborhood was Tot Lot RH-04, in the Summer Sunrise Drive and River Run area. Although this tot lot is central to the section of the Pointers Run neighborhood north of MD 32 and serves many residents, CA’s analysis has determined that the available space and topography cannot support the expansion needed to accommodate modern equipment. As an alternative, CA has proposed that Tot Lot-RH-16, located near Garden Walk, be considered. The RHCA Board has not decided on this location and seeks feedback from the community. Recommendations of other tot lots in the Pointers Run neighborhood that appear large enough and sufficiently central in location are still being accepted.

The RHCA will hold a community meeting on Wednesday, May 23 at Claret Hall at 6 p.m. The focus of the meeting will be to obtain feedback from residents regarding an upgrade to Tot LOT RH-25 (off Indian Summer Drive between Summer Sky Path and Distant Thunder Trail) in Pheasant Ridge. Locations for a tot lot upgrade in the Pointers Run neighborhood, including Tot Lot RH-16 near Garden Walk, will also be discussed. If you cannot attend this meeting, please e-mail feedback to We look forward to your involvement in this project.

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