RAC Members Needed

The Resident Architectural Committee (RAC) is the most active committee of the Village Board and is in need of citizen volunteers to keep it in operation. The members of the RAC provide the on site review needed for all applications for exterior changes to residential properties and in-home businesses. Members become extremely familiar with our community and have an opportunity to learn about the latest in exterior home improvements.
The Committee is in need of additional members. On several occasions recently the Committee has been unable to review applications due to quorum issues. As a result, the architectural review process is endangered and delays may result. The RAC typically meets the first and third Wednesdays of each month. Members conduct site visits and provide input at the meetings. The RAC is a recommending body. The Architectural Committee reviews the RAC’s recommendation and is responsible for the final decision and any appeals. The Association’s Covenant Advisor provides administrative support to the Committee.
For more information about becoming a part of this Committee contact Eva Lambright, Covenant Advisor, at 410-531-1749 or rhcovenants@columbiavillages.org.

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