Quorum for Village Elections Achieved, Ballot Questions Passed

The River Hill Community Association held Village Elections on Saturday, April 23, and despite it being an uncontested election this year, many residents still turned out to cast their vote. Two seats were open for the Board of Directors, and Kevin Bruening, the only candidate running, will retain his seat on the Board for another two years as the term runs from May 1, 2022 – April 30, 2024. The other open seat will be filled by appointment at the upcoming Board meeting, tentatively planned for May 10.

Last year’s election saw record turnout, and this year’s election had strong turnout as well. The quorum for the election was 83 valid ballots from members. 131 valid ballots were received of which 121 residents voted in person and 10 valid absentee ballots were returned. In addition to re-electing Kevin Bruening, voters also passed the two ballot questions for the proposed amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and the By-Laws. The amendment to the Articles of Incorporation establishes a requirement for all members of the Association’s Board of Directors to be residents of the Village of River Hill. The amendment to the By-Laws establishes that the date for Candidate Statements to be submitted to the Village Manager for publishing will coincide with the deadline for nominations. Here are the final results:

Proposed Amendment to Articles of Incorporation for RHCA: The River Hill Community Association, Inc. Articles of Incorporation, Article EIGHTH: The affairs of the Corporation shall be managed by a Board of Directors of five (5) directors, all of whom shall be members of the Association except as herein provided with regard to the initial Board of Directors.


Proposed Amendment to By-Laws of RHCA: The River Hill Community Association, Inc. By-Laws, Section 8.04 Candidates’ Statements: Each candidate meeting the requirement for nomination, as set forth herein, may prepare a written campaign statement of not more than one hundred fifty (150) words. This statement, in order to be reproduced and distributed at the expense of the Association, shall be submitted to the respective Board Manager no later than the deadline for nominations under Section 8.3.


Thanks to all the residents who voted in this year’s elections. We hope the trend of increased participation in village association affairs continues!