Provide Your Input Now on HoCo By Design

The draft recommendations for the General Plan, HoCo By Design, are now complete and will be submitted to the County Council in March 2023. Public input is open until January 16 at The draft includes the following housing recommendations:
• Establish a new mixed-density and mixed-use zoning district that encourages diverse housing types.
• Provide provisions for Accessory Dwelling Units, both attached and detached.
• Expand the Moderate Income Housing Unit requirements in areas with fewer affordable options.
• Add duplex and multiplex housing types in more zoning districts.
• Ensure bulk regulations support diversification of housing types.
• Expand housing types allowed in the Zoning regulations to include stacked townhomes, cottage clusters, multiplexes with appropriate parking requirements.
• Evaluate lot sizes, tax incentives, density bonuses, and overlay zones to encourage missing middle housing.
• Disperse missing middle housing throughout the County.