Property Standards Evaluation Program Updates

Over 800 properties have already been evaluated by the Association’s Property Standards Evaluator (PSE). The areas that have been evaluated are the South Wind Circle area of Pheasant Ridge, Red Clover Lane area, the Summer Sunrise/River Runarea behind the pool, and the section of Pointers Run off of Bright Memory Drive. The next areas to be evaluated will be the Pointers Run area of Western Star Run, Eastern Star Way and Autumn Wind Circle. Following that will be Lilac Bush Lane, Waving Willow Path and all of the newest section of Pheasant Ridge off of Great Star Drive, Indian Summer Drive and Linden Linthicum Lane. The townhouses will be the last section to be evaluated.

In addition to checking the overall maintenance of each property, the PSE is checking the condition of sidewalks, streetlights, cable/utility boxes, pathways, cul-de-sac islands and street trees. If you know of a specific item from this list that needs repair, please call Claret Hall or send an email to A list of items that need repair is being compiled and turned over to the county or other appropriate entity to address. Some residents have inquired about the cluster mailboxes that are in disrepair. The US Post Office has been notified, and they are  planning to address those mailboxes. Their time frame is uncertain.

If your property has not yet been evaluated, there are a few simple ways to prepare. Take a quick look at the siding and/or brick exterior of your home. Check all sides for stains, mold, mildew, or discoloration. This can generally be cleaned easily with power washing. Fading of fascia boards and trim are commonly seen and might need to be freshened up with a new coat of paint. Look to see if there are any rotted areas of fascia and trim boards that need to be replaced. Are the shutters faded? Many people don’t realize that vinyl shutters can be painted. In the event you have missing shutters, check through your homeowner’s documents to find out the manufacturer, and order replacements. You can also order shutters through most building supply companies. Gutters and downspouts tend to become soiled over time and may benefit from being power washed. Is your shrubbery and landscape maintained, or is some pruning necessary? Trash cans and recycle bins should be stored. The covenants state that these items should not be seen from adjacent and surrounding properties. Consider applying to build a trash enclosure if there is not enough space to store the containers in the garage.

Finally, check your house numbers to be sure they are securely in place and easily visible. Make sure they are not covered by shrubs, trees, or heavy tarnish which makes them impossible to see. In the event of an emergency, you will be glad they’re visible.

All property owners are being notified by a green or yellow postcard of their evaluation results. A green postcard signifies that the property has passed the inspection. A yellow postcard will in clude a brief list of items that need repair or to be corrected, and a re-inspection date will be given. Please call 410-531-1749 and speak with the PSE if you have any questions.

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