Plans to Redevelop Ruby Tuesday Site Modified

Revisions to the plan to redevelop the former Ruby Tuesday site were shared at the association’s October 7 Board of Directors meeting. Martin Swaggard, Core States Group, on behalf of client JP Morgan Chase, presented the new site plan. Modifications included the division of the site into two parcels, one for the bank branch and associated parking and the other retaining the Ruby Tuesday building with parking. Chase Bank is expected to sell the restaurant parcel. In response to comments received at their June 3 presentation to the village board, a building entrance and associated ADA compliant connections to the existing sidewalk along MD 108 had been added to meet the county’s Clarksville Pike Streetscape Plan and Design Guidelines. Exterior finishes were also modified to improve the visual connection to the village center. The Board of Directors questioned the use of blue awnings and signage and recommended that fabric awnings not be used due to maintenance concerns. The board also discussed the need for on-going property maintenance.

Next steps: JPMorgan Chase needs to obtain approval from Kimco Realty and Giant. The project will then be submitted to and reviewed by Howard Hughes Corporation (HHC). HHC has architectural control in the village center. A community pre-submis-sion meeting must be held prior to the submittal of plans to the county’s Department of Planning and Zoning. In advance of the pre-submission meeting, the site will be posted with an announcement of the date and location. The association will also notify residents of this meeting using our various communication tools. Stay tuned.

The plans shared on October 7 are available for view below or in person by contacting the village manager at 410-531-1749 or

Chase Bank Plans

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