Phase 2 of Howard County Land Use and Zoning Regulations Rewrite Begins

The Department of Planning and Zoning (DPZ) has announced the launch of HoCode Rewrite, a process to draft a new Unified Development Code for Howard County. The new code will modernize and unify land development and zoning regulations into a single, comprehensive document that will make the regulations simpler for residents to understand and use.

This initiative began in 2016 at the direction of County Executive Allan H. Kittleman to evaluate and rewrite the County’s land development regulations. Clarion Associates served as the County’s consultants and led the first phase of this effort, which consisted of a comprehensive assessment of the zoning code, as well as regulations, policies and manuals related to land development. The resulting Land Development Regulation Assessment and Annotated Outline, released in February 2018, provides recommendations and informs the HoCode Rewrite.

Clarion Associates will continue as the County’s consultant for HoCode Rewrite and will work with DPZ during the fall to develop a project timeline, work plan and citizen engagement plan. Public meetings will begin in early 2019.

You can find more information on the HoCode Rewrite webpage, which will be updated as information is available.

Questions? Contact the Department of Planning and Zoning at (410) 313-2350 or email Julia Sauer at

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