Persian Language School, Sundays in River Hill

Thanks to Farzaneh Sizar, the Rosestan Persian Language School is now offering Farsi classes for children on Sunday mornings, from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., at the River Hill Meeting Room. The classes are designed for children in grades K to 12. Rosestan offers an up-to-date curriculum and an encouraging environment for students. The goal of the program is to enable the students to read, write, and speak the Persian language in a short amount of time. Rosestan aims to provide a fun and easy learning experience for children. Rosestan’s classes offer an interactive, encouraging, and inspiring atmosphere which increase the students’ participation and learning. At Rosestan, all of the vocabularies and texts in the lessons have been carefully selected to reflect everyday communications and produce successful outcomes. Rosestan offers numerous teaching materials for students including flash cards, storybooks, DVDs from beginner to advanced levels, and many educational games. These instructional tools help create a more productive and enjoyable class environment. Farzaneh Sizar founded Rosestan in 2007. She was a language major at an Iranian university before coming to the United States and has been a Persian language instructor for 12 years. She has taught credit classes at Howard Community College and is a certified Persian interpreter. Ms. Sara Baum of HCC says, Ms. Sizar “handled the age ranges with patience and praise and motivated each student according to their ability. She challenged the students to read different, harder words to keep their interest and was very reinforcing with their answers.” According to Jean Piotrowski, the parent of a student, Ms. Sizar is “also passionate about the Persian culture and way of life. She organizes a yearly program for the Persian New Year where the students can participate in singing songs, performing folk dances and other activities on stage. This is a wonderful way for the children to get involved in their Persian heritage and learn about the different traditions that make our culture unique. It also builds leadership skills and boosts self-confidence.” Rosestan also offers private classes for adults and children during the weekdays. For more information on these programs visit or call 410-442-5009.

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