October 21, 2020 – November 18, 2020 Architectural Decisions

November 18, 2020

5833 White Pebble Path: Screened Porch, Deck, Stairs

6008 Winter Grain Path: Landscaping

6437 Fairest Dream Lane: Portico, Widen Front Doorsteps

6408 Silent Moon Run: Landscaping, Patio, Color Change: Front Door


5812 Laurel Leaves Lane: Pool Part 1

5816 White Pebble Path: Deck, Screened Porch

November 4, 2020

6300 Enchanted Key Gate: Patio, Fire Pit, Retaining Wall

6500 Autumn Wind Circle: Fence

6515 Evening Shadows Court: Walkway, Patio, Sitting Wall

12141 Flowing Water Trail: Deck, Patio

6509 Apple Blossom Ride: Swing Set

6105 Trackless Sea Court: Deck, Patio, Fire Pit

October 21, 2020

6415 Few Star Court: Tree Removals

6441 Grateful Heart Gate: Fence

12129 Early Lilacs Path: Fence

6518 Barley Corn Row: Patio, Deck Steps, Material Change

Approved with Condition

6308 Departed Sunset Lane: Fence


6025 Ascending Moon Path: Tree Removal

6408 Phantom Moon Walk: Tree Removal

6307 Nodding Night Court: Tree Removal, Garage Doors (Material Change), Landscape (Plant Material Change)

6302 Nodding Night Court: Door and Window Addition

6504 Evening Shadows Court: Tree Removal

6512 Ranging Hills Gate: Color Change: Roof

6004 Winter Grain Path: Spa

6056 Ascending Moon Path: Patio: Material Change

6512 Early Lily Row: Patio

12109 Flowing Water Trail: Patio (Material Change), Walkway

6405 Old Romance Row: Roof Solar Panels

5911 Gentle Call Deck: Material Change

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