November 6, 2017 Minutes

River Hill Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes
November 6, 2017

Opening (Agenda 1):
Richard Thomas, Board Chairperson, called the Board meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. The following members were in attendance: Robert Choi, Harjeet Jandu, and Dalia Shlash. Tony Miceli arrived at 7:08 p.m. and Renee DuBois arrived at 7:09 p.m. Chao Wu, Columbia Council Representative, Cindy Tian, Student Member, Eva Lambright, Covenant Advisor, and Susan Smith, Village Manager, were in attendance. Mr. Zhang, Board Member, and Ms. Ananth, Student Member, were absent. Ms. Tian left the meeting at 8:45 p.m. Ms. Lambright left the meeting at 9:15 p.m.

Approval of the Agenda (Agenda 2):
Mr. Thomas made a motion to approve the agenda as presented. Mr. Jandu seconded the motion. The motion passed (4-0-0).

Administrative Items (Agenda 3):
Mr. Wu made a motion to approve the October 2, 2017 Minutes as submitted. Ms. Shlash seconded the motion. The motion passed (4-0-0).

Resident Speak Out (Agenda 4):

Watershed Committee – Update (Agenda 5):
Bruce Eberle introduced members Rae Brown (Student Representative) and Cara Heilveil. They discussed the importance of removing invasive plants and using natives and provided an overview of the Committee’s accomplishments: stream clean-up (9/4), WatershedPalooza (9/16), and the rain garden planned adjacent to River Hill outdoor pool. The grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust grant will be used to fund some costs associated with the WatershedPalooza, purchase of native plants for pull and plants, and the rain garden.

Ms. DuBois made a motion to nominate Cara Heilveil to serve as the River Hill Representative on the Columbia Association’s Watershed Advisory Committee with Simone Smith to attend the meetings if Cara is unable to attend. Mr. Jandu seconded the motion. The motion passed (6-0-0). (Student Members – in favor (2).

Andy Stack, Chairperson, and Dick Boulton, Vice Chair, Columbia Association Board of Directors (Agenda 6):
Mr. Stack and Mr. Boulton discussed CA’s FY17 accomplishments and information provided is on file with the original minutes. The Board expressed its concerns with the new Assessment Share formula. Discussion.

Committee Reports: Student Member (Agenda 8Ai):
Ms. Tian reported on the success of the Haunted Hallow’s Eve event. She reported that the committee had received a lot of positive feedback and there were many teen volunteers in addition to the members of the TAC. The TAC will assist with Breakfast with Santa in December. Ms. Tian left the meeting following her report.

Executive Session – Potential Litigation & Personnel Matters (Agenda 7):
Mr. Thomas made a motion to move into Executive Session to discuss potential litigation and personnel matters at 8:50 p.m. Mr. Jandu seconded the motion. The motion passed (6-0-0).

Ms. Shlash made a motion to end the Executive Session at 9:59 p.m. Mr. Wu seconded the motion. The motion passed (6-0-0).

Committee Reports (Agenda 8A):
ii. Ad Hoc Playground Committee – Ms. Shlash reported that she addressed the CA Board during speak out on October 12 about revising the Association’s budget request from a community playground to two tot lot enhancements – one in the Pointers Run neighborhood and another in the Pheasant Ridge neighborhood. A community meeting to solicit input on the tot lot locations to be upgraded is tentatively scheduled for December 11 at 7 p.m. at Claret Hall.
iii. Ad Hoc School Redistricting Committee – Residents have been organizing amongst themselves. Board of Education is scheduled to vote on November 16.
iv. Development Advisory Committee – Ms. DuBois noted that she had attended the October 12 Zoning Board meeting on the Erickson project. At the meeting she commented on the need for improved pedestrian connections with the community e.g., along the proposed access road, and the need for opportunities to engage with other members of the Clarksville/River Hill area e.g. community playground.
Ms. DuBois will attend the Erickson pre-submission meeting scheduled for November 8.
v. Traffic and Safety Committee – Mr. Miceli reported that the committee had met with representatives from Kimco Realty to walk the village center and discuss lighting, speed humps, installation of a sidewalk on the vacant site, issues at exit by McDonald’s, and traffic signage. He noted that they were receptive to the suggestions. Mr. Miceli also mentioned that he had made DPW aware of an incident with a pedestrian at the refuge island closest to Fall Moon Ride and is still awaiting follow-up from the meeting.

Village Manager Report (Agenda 8B):
A written report is on file with the original minutes. Ms. Smith noted that the stormwater quality improvements being made behind Golden Star Place are expected to take 1 – 1.5 more months, weather depending. Ms. Smith made the Board aware of panhandlers, a mother with children, in the village center. Ms. Smith reported a 1-year lease has be signed with the Church of God.

Board Chair Report (Agenda 8C):

Council Representative Report (Agenda 8D):
Mr. Wu summarized the recent CA Board meeting including the votes on the assessment share. He noted the CA Board agreed to sign the Paris Climate agreement; CA has sent a delegation to China to establish a Sister City program; and the CA Board received an update on the Sport and Fitness program.

Old Business (Agenda 9):

IRS 990/990T (Agenda 10A):
Mr. Wu made a motion to approve the IRS 990 and 990T. Ms. DuBois seconded the motion. The motion passed (6-0-0).

Board Speak Out (Agenda 9):

Adjournment (Agenda 10):
Mr. Miceli made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:57 p.m. Mr. Wu seconded the motion. The motion passed (6-0-0).

Submitted by: Susan M. Smith, Village Manager

Minutes Approved: December 4, 2017

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