November 2021 Architectural Decisions

AC Decisions
October 20, 2021
6445 Fairest Dream Lane: Deck
6301 Gentle Light Lane: Tree Additions
6523 South Wind Circle: Fence

6448 Empty Song Road: Retaining Walls, Planting Beds, Steps

October 6, 2021
6319 Eastern Star Way: Landscaping
6116 Rippling Tides Terrace: Patio, Deck, Steps, Drainage, Retaining Wall

Approved with Condition(s)
6505 Early Lily Way: Patio, Retaining/Sitting Walls, Drainage, Lighting

6534 River Run: Tree Removal
6307 Nodding Night Court: Tree Removal, Garage Door: Material Change
6136 White Marble Court: Tree Removal
6302 Nodding Night Court: Solar Panels
6409 Old Romance Row: Window Addition
6468 South Wind Circle: Tree Removal
6549 River Run: Solar Panels
6460 Sundown Trail: Tree Removal
7071 Garden Walk: Tree Removal
6510 South Wind Circle: Deck: Material Change
6014 Drum Taps Court: Handrail
6006 Drum Taps Court: Handrail
6400 Enchanted Solitude Place: Tree Removal
6501 Evening Shadows Court: Deck: Material Change
6520 Radiant Gleam Way: Tree Removal
6420 Warm Sunshine Path: Tree Removal
7087 Garden Walk: Tree Removal
12105 Trailing Moss Gate: Patio: Material Change

Approved with Condition(s)
6501 Evening Shadow Court: Deck: Material Change
6531 South Wind Circle: Tree Remove and Replant