New Community Transforms Grace Drive Property

Construction of the Cedar Creek community continued all summer and the new development has dramatically changed the area between the Pointers Run neighborhood and the W.R. Grace complex. When complete, the project will include 83 garage-style townhouses and 101 single-family detached homes.

The developer plans to complete the project in three phases, working from the front of the property to the rear of the site over time. In August, residents can expect to see the following changes: widening of Grace Drive along the development’s frontage, installation of curbs, gutters, and storm drains in the front-most section of the project, and laying of the base and initial asphalt layers of road. The developer expects to install the new community’s entry signage in September. Over the next 2 – 3 months the water and sewer lines will be installed throughout the project and power will then be brought into the site. The developer hopes to begin construction of the model townhouses (6 units) and single-family detached models (2-units) in November. As work is completed in the front section, the developer will continue in the middle section. The final area to be opened for sale will be the homes located at the rear of the property. The home builder will be NV Homes.

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