New Bicycle and Pedestrian Amenities Coming to Village

In addition to plans for bicycle and pedestri- an improvements along MD 108 in Clarksville, there are two locations in the Village of River Hill that are expected to receive new amenities. Representatives from Howard County’s Office of Transportation (OOT) will meet with the association’s Board of Directors on May 13 at 7:15 p.m. to provide an update on the plans to add bicycle amenities in the village. Residents are encouraged to attend the meeting to learn more. The county plans to resurface Summer Sunrise Drive and River Run in the late spring/ summer of this year. As part of this resurfacing project, the bicycle-related roadway markings will be added.

The OOT shared draft plans for bike lanes and “sharrows” on Summer Sunrise Drive and River Run in the Pointers Run neighborhood in August 2018. At that time, they requested input from the community. Since then, OOT has reviewed the feedback and made modifications to the design. Changes made include modifications to address the need to conserve space for overflow outdoor pool parking along Summer Sunrise Drive during the summer months. These bicycle-related improvements are consistent with BikeHoward (2016), the county’s bicycle master plan. To view BikeHoward visit: County-Administration/Transportation.

Chesapeake Realty Partners’ plans for the Cedar Creek residential subdivision on Grace Drive have been working their way through the county’s review and approval process. The county has required the developer to make a pedestrian link to the existing CA pathway that currently ends at the Quiet Night Ride traffic circle. This connection is a condition of plan approval. The plans for this connection were shared with the community at a meeting in November 2018. The River Hill Board of Directors supports the link and in January 2019 requested that the improvements at this entrance into the community maintain or improve upon the existing vegetative buffer between MD 32 and nearby residences.

On April 25, the Columbia Association’s (CA) Board of Directors considered Chesapeake Realty Partners’ request for an open space easement at the Quiet Night Ride/Grace Drive traffic circle. The easement is needed for the developer to connect to the CA pathway, provide a crosswalk to the north side of Grace Drive, and create a bike trail connection to the existing bike lane on Grace Drive. The CA Board has unanimously approved the easement.

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