October 1, 2018 Minutes

River Hill Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes

October 1, 2018



Opening (Agenda 1):

Richard Thomas, Board Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. The following members were in attendance: Harjeet Jandu, Angela Ling, Tony Miceli, Adam White, Yamini Ananth and Cindy Tian, Student Members. Susan Smith, Village Manager, was also present. Renee DuBois arrived at 7:06 p.m. Dalia Shlash, Board Member, and Chao Wu, Columbia Council Representative, were absent.


Approval of the Agenda (Agenda 2):

Mr. Miceli made a motion to approve the agenda. Mr. Jandu seconded the motion. Mr. Thomas made a motion to amend the agenda to add CA Senior Advisory Committee (7A), and to move 9. Board Speak Out (9) earlier in the agenda after Resident Speak Out (5). Mr. Jandu seconded the motion. The motion passed (6-0-0). Student Advisory Votes – in favor (2).


Administrative Items (Agenda 3):

Mr. Thomas made a motion to approve the September 17, 2018 Minutes as presented. Mr. White seconded the motion. The motion passed (6-0-0). Student Advisory Votes – in favor (2).


MD 108 Streetscape Plan Update (Agenda 4):

Dave Cookson, Howard County Office of Transportation, and Bryan Townsend, VP, Whitman, Requardt & Associates, LLP, gave a presentation on the status of the preliminary design (30% design) for sections/areas 1 and 2 of the Clarksville Pike Streetscape Plan (Guilford Road to Linden Linthicum Lane). WRA, LLP is the consultant on the project. A copy of the presentation is on file with the Minutes. Both sides of MD 108 are being considered for a shared use path. They reported that there are many constraints and a balance of modal priorities and safety is being sought. A public meeting, possibly in December 2018, will be planned to present the preliminary design for sections 1 and 2. By January 2019, they expect to have a good understanding of the costs involved to proceed to final design and construction and the impact on the County’s budget.


Resident Speak Out (Agenda 5):



Board Speak Out (Agenda 6):



Ad Hoc Playground Committee Report (Agenda 8Ai):



Development Advisory Committee Report (Agenda 8Aii):


Teen Advisory Committee (TAC) Report (Agenda 8Aiii):

Ms. Ananth and Ms. Tian reported that the TAC bonding event at Breakout Games went well and felt that it had helped the members to become more comfortable with one another. They reported on the success of the Watershed Palooza and the contributions made by TAC members and other teen volunteers. Planning for the Halloween event is beginning.


Traffic and Safety Committee Report (Agenda 8Aiv):

Mr. Miceli reported that the property manager for Kimco Realty has changed and staff will contact her to determine the status of the changes at the westernmost entrance/exit of Daybreak Circle. Mr. Miceli reported on the MD Department of Transportation’s Howard County Consolidated Transportation Plan meeting held on September 28. Mr. Miceli noted that he had raised the concern about safety of Erickson Living’s proposed entrance/exit on MD 108. Mr. Miceli also reported that there had been a woman and child panhandling in the village center, across from Giant, on Saturday, September 29.


Watershed Committee (Agenda 8Av):

Mr. White reported that the Watershed Palooza was well attended and that a lot of positive feedback had been received. Mr. Jandu thanked Mr. White for his participation and for arranging for his sister’s presentation.


Village Manager’s Report (Agenda 8B):

A written report is on file with the original minutes.


Village Board Chair’s Report (Agenda 8C):

Mr. Thomas asked about the status of the construction occurring in the Middle Patuxent Environmental Area and behind Golden Star Place and the lack of maintenance at the River Hill Square site. He noted that the grass needs mowing to improve sight distance at the Trotter Road/MD 108 intersection. Ms. Smith will follow-up on these concerns.


Council Representative Report (Agenda 8D):




Ms. DuBois made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:29 p.m. Ms. Ling seconded the motion. The motion passed (6-0-0). Student Advisory Vote – in favor (2).


Submitted by: Susan M. Smith, Village Manager


Minutes Approved:  November 5, 2018


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  1. Vicki Harvey
    Vicki Harvey says:

    Hello, looking for any information regarding the units on Grace Drive. Is this still a viable project? When will construction start? Is it still about 100 single family and 100 townhomes? Wondering what’s going on.
    Looked through th
    Thank you!
    Vicki Harvey

    • SandAdmin
      SandAdmin says:

      Hello, Vicki.
      Yes, the project is moving forward. For details, please refer to the December issue of The Villager. It can be found on this website under the Newsletter tab.

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