Merry Mulch & Curb Side Holiday Tree Recycle

Christmas tree 2Recycle artificial trees with metal components in the scrap metal area at the Alpha Ridge Landfill. Visit for info about recycling holiday lights. Save money! Use comics, maps, posters or cloth
wrapping (a scarf or tea towel could be an extra gift and wrapping too).
Visit online sites to opt out of catalog delivery or call the companies directly.
Save holiday cards to use as next year’s gift tags. Recycling holiday junk mail, boxes, wrapping paper and catalogs curbside or at the Alpha Ridge Landfill. Your participation in the Merry Mulch program keeps thousands of trees out of the landfill. Trees are taken to a compost facility and recycled into compost and mulch. Trees collected as trash are taken to the landfill for disposal. To conserve landfill space, we ask that you only use this option as a last resort. Questions or concerns, please call or email:

Merry Mulch Tree Drop-off Sites

Dates: December 26-January 16, 2015
Days: Sites open 7 days a week*
Hours: Sites open 7:30am to 5:00pm*
(*Landfill hours are 8am to 4pm, Monday-Saturday, closed Sundays)

Remember to remove all tinsel, garland, ornaments, lights, tree stands, plastic bags, etc.

Look for Merry Mulch signs at the following drop-off sites.
Clarksville – Kendall Hardware (12260 Route 108)
– River Hill Garden Center (12165 Route 108)

Columbia – Cedar Lane Park (5081 Cedar Lane)
– Grandfather’s Garden Center (5320 Phelps Luck Drive)

Curbside Tree Recycling – Through January 16th

County residents with curbside yard trim collection can place their tree out for recycling on their normal recycling day. Trees will not be collected on trash collection days in this area before January 16th. Not sure if you receive yard trim service? Call 410-313-6444.
Successful Recycling Pickup Tips:
Set your tree out the night before. Trees are picked up by the yard trim truck as early as 6am or as late as 7pm.
Remove all tinsel, garland, ornaments, lights, tree stands, plastic bags, etc.
No need to bag, but trees must be cut into less than 4 foot lengths and tied. Bundles must weigh less than 40 pounds.

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