Meet the Candidates: Village Board of Directors

Dalia Shlash

I am a Maryland native and an orthodontist practicing in Howard County. My family and I enjoy living in the Village of River Hill, as it has all of the characteristics of a great neighborhood—wonderful schools, a functional design with a village center, walking paths, recreational facilities, and a strong sense of community. While it is the newest of Columbia’s communities, the Village is approaching its 20-year mark and needs more upkeep. If elected to serve on the River Hill Community Association Board of Directors, I would work with fellow board members to advocate for improvements in both amenities and safety, to maintain River Hill’s high reputation and quality of life. Also, I would help build a greater sense of community and civility. Finally, I will listen to your concerns, and help advocate for a vibrant healthy, River Hill community.
Richard Thomas
I was appointed to the River Hill Community Association Board of Directors two years ago, and have enjoyed the opportunity to work with a dedicated group of board members, a great association staff, and very diverse group of fellow residents in maintaining the welfare and interests of our community. Having been a resident of River Hill for the past 22 years, and Columbia for the past 33 years, I am a strong support of the vision founder James Rouse had for Columbia. I will strive to continue to ensure the community association staff and leadership provide value back to its members, the property owners and residents of River Hill. I also encourage everyone to maintain awareness of events and news in our community (through the web page, mailing list, facebook, or newsletter), and to become personally involved in or attend at least one activity.
Columbia Council Representative
Chao Wu
It has been my pleasure to serve as River Hill’s representative on the Columbia Association (CA) board for the last two years. I served in the planning and strategy committee, the audit committee, the risk management committee and the board operation committee. I strongly believe that efficient and responsive management of CA is important to the organization and our residents. Furthermore, planned development and healthy fiscal condition are critical for our future.
I have been involved in making decisions on many improvements and changes that are designed to better serve members and residents. CA board has been a strong advocate on the bike lane, green energy usage and healthy, walkable neighborhood.
I am constantly blogging at my website and writing on the River Hill Villager and keep you updated.
I am asking for your votes to continue to serve as your representative. Together we can make our community better.
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