Master Plan Committee

In 2009, changes to Howard County’s zoning regulations established a process for the redevelopment of Columbia’s village centers. In response to this legislation and increasing development pressures along the MD 108 corridor in Clarksville, the River Hill Board of Directors (RHBOD) created the River Hill Village Center Master Plan Committee (MPC).  The Committee’s goal was to develop a plan for the future of the village center.  To achieve this, the MPC conducted numerous stakeholder interviews, interfaced with various departments within the County government, coordinated with the Columbia Association, and  ensured there were multiple opportunities for residents to provide input.

The Master Plan has been approved by the RHBOD, filed with the County’s Department of Planning and Zoning, and is NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE. The plan defines the boundaries of the village center, surveys existing conditions, and articulates a vision for the future of the River Hill Village Center with the goals of:

  • maintaining the vibrancy and success of the center;
  • creating a community gathering place;
  • ensuring that the village center adapts and changes to meet a modern community’s needs;
  • improving traffic and safety; and
  • enhancing the center’s parking lots.

The plan outlines a variety of short- and long-term actions that the Association believes will benefit the community.  It will be used to guide improvements to the village center and has already been useful in informing decisions related to zoning and redevelopment along the MD 108 corridor in Clarksville.

For more information or to view a hard copy of the document, please contact the Village Manager at 410-531-1749 or

Committee Members:

Robert Runser, Chairperson

Jim Burnett

Jacqueline Easely

Trevor Greene

Olivia Vaught

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