March 21, 2016 Board Minutes

River Hill Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes
March 21, 2016

Michael Cornell, Board Chair, called the regularly scheduled meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. on March 21, 2016, at Claret Hall, 6020 Daybreak Circle, Clarksville, MD 21029. Mr. Cornell welcomed Milton Matthews, President of the Columbia Association who was attending the meeting. Board Members present were Dave Clark, Will McCullough, Mavourene Robinson, Esti Schabelman, Richard Thomas, and Liyan Zhang. Chao Wu (Council Representative) and Susan Smith (Village Manager) were also present. Ms. Zhang arrived at the meeting at 8 p.m. A list of attendees is on file with the Minutes.

Approval of the Agenda (Agenda 2):
Ms. Robinson made a motion to approve the agenda as submitted. Mr. Thomas seconded the motion. The motion passed (7-0-0).

Administrative Items (Agenda 3):
Mr. Schabelman made a motion to approve the March 7, 2016 Minutes. Mr. Clark seconded the motion. The motion passed (7-0-0).

Resident Speak Out (Agenda 4):

A-OK Tutoring – Presentation (Agenda 5):
Susan Burger, Executive Director, A-OK Tutoring gave an overview of the12 year old non-profit. The organization has approximately 100 volunteers who mentor and tutor Howard County elementary and middle school students. The volunteers work one-on-one with the students during the school day and in after school programs. A-OK does not currently serve any students attending the schools servicing River Hill. Ms. Burger requested the Association’s support for recruiting and training volunteers and expanding to new schools.

River Hill Farmer’s Market – Presentation (Agenda 6):
Janet Terry, President, and Bobbi Espinoza, Treasurer, of the Friends of the Olney Farmers and Artists Market, presented plans to bring a similar market to the River Hill Garden Center. The market will operate on Saturdays, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., beginning May 14 and through November 9. The market will be a family-oriented market with live music, café seating, children’s educational activities, and Chef demos. They currently have 27 vendors participating, including Howard County businesses. The Board discussed noise, traffic, and parking concerns and the impact on neighboring residential properties. Per Ms. Terry and Ms. Espinoza, overflow parking will use the Linden Linthicum Lane United Methodist Church lot and they expect that the Clarksville Lions Club will be assisting with parking. They asked for the Association’s support in helping them recruit volunteers and informing the community.

RHCA FY17 Budget (Agenda 7A):
Ms. Smith reviewed and presented materials on the FY16 4th Quarter estimate, staff end of the year “wish list”, the FY16 cash reserves estimate, the FY17 assessment share, and the FY17 draft budget. It was the consensus of the Board to adjust the lease and rental revenue lines to balance the budget prior to publicizing the draft for comment. The Board will discuss the draft budget further at the April 4 meeting and if needed on April 18. The Board is expected to vote on the budget at the May 2 meeting.

River Hill Village Center – Sign Design Criteria (Agenda 7B):
It was the consensus of the Board that the revised Sign Design Criteria had adequately addressed the Association’s comments.

River Hill 25th Birthday Celebration (Agenda 7C):
It was the consensus of the Board that the 25th Birthday Celebration will be held in conjunction with the River Hill Health Fair on Saturday, September 17, 2016.

Village Elections (Agenda 8A):
The Board discussed the by-law modifications recommended by Counsel and requested clarification regarding electronic voting and the current requirements for absentee balloting. The Board asked for a determination of what changes to the legal documents would be needed to enable more than one member per property to vote by absentee ballot. Ms. Smith will follow-up.

Donation Requests (Agenda 8B):
Discussion. Ms. Robinson made a motion to approve $100 donations to the following: Atholton High School Post Prom Party, River Hill High School Post Prom Party, and the Fifth District Volunteer Fire Department. Mr. Zhang seconded the motion. The motion passed (6-0-1). Student Advisory Vote – in favor.

Manager’s Report (Agenda 9A):
A written report is attached to the original minutes. Ms. Smith reported that GNC will be leasing the space in the village center vacated by the Chinese restaurant.

Mr. Zhang made a motion to disband the current Resident Architectural Committee (RAC). Mr. McCullough seconded the motion. The motion passed (7-0-0). The Board directed staff to advertise for new members to enable a committee to begin with fresh membership and training. Until a new RAC is appointed, the Covenant Advisor and/or the Architectural Committee (AC) Sign-off Representative will conduct site visits. The AC Sign-off will make all approval decisions.

Ms. Smith will coordinate with the Development Advisory Committee to schedule a time for Raj Kudchadkar, DPZ, Deputy Director to meet and review the development review processes.

Board Chair’s Report (Agenda 9B):
Mr. Cornell noted that the state legislature is considering banning neonicotinoids from use on residential properties. He recommended that the Watershed Advisory Committee help to educate the community if the ban passes.

Council Representative’s Report (Agenda 9C):
Mr. Wu reported that the Columbia Association had passed its largest budget. He also reported that CA is considering a new membership structure. The goal is to simplify the membership plans and increase participation. Cost information has not been presented yet.

Liaisons/Student Member (Agenda 9D):
Ms. Zhang reported that the Teen Advisory Committee is continuing to plans a pet themed movie and donation night on May 14. The Warrior Canine Project has been selected as the beneficiary.

Board Speak Out (Agenda 10):

Adjournment (Agenda 11):
Mr. Cornell adjourned the meeting at 9:20 p.m.

Minutes submitted by: Susan M. Smith, Village Manager

Minutes Approved: April 4, 2016

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