March 1, 2021 Minutes

River Hill Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes

March 1, 2021


Opening (Agenda 2):

Adam White, Vice Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. The meeting was held virtually via conference call using Zoom. The following members were in attendance: Harjeet Jandu, Matt Levine, and Tony Miceli. Alex Oh, Student Member, Susan Smith, Village Manager, and Lesley Ahmuty, Event Coordinator were present. Renee DuBois, Council Representative, arrived at 7:25 p.m. Jian Ni, Board Member, arrived at 7:33 p.m. Shyam Pillai, Student Member, arrived later. Residents included Tara Capino (South Wind Circle), Jennifer Lui (Hayboat Court), Ron Alper (Barley Corn Row) Jeffrey Pierre (River Run), Alice Sanner (Empty Song Road), Brett Greenberger (Morning Light Trail), Janet Munro (Morningtime Lane).


Approval of the Agenda (Agenda 3):

Mr. Levine made a motion to approve the agenda with the removal of the draft February 1, 2021 minutes from the Agenda. Mr. Miceli seconded the motion. The motion passed (4-0-0). Student Advisory Vote – in favor (1).


Announcement of Executive Session Meetings Held/To Be Held (Agenda 4A):

Ms. Smith announced there was no Executive Session Meeting planned and no meetings had been held since February 1, 2021.


Resident Speak Out (Agenda 5):


Ms. Capino (South Wind Circle) expressed concern with on-line voting. She felt it was too soon to make a change without announcing the change in procedure. There was success with paper ballots. Urged the Board to wait to implement on-line voting.


Ms. Alice Sanner (Empty Song Road) is glad food trucks are getting broader attention. She has no issues with food trucks in the community but does not think Empty Song Lane is the right place for a food truck every week. It is disruptive, noisy, and crowded. She asked that alternative locations, including River Run, be considered as a food truck location.


Dr. Brett Greenberger (Morning Light Trail) feels his views on the lawsuit brought by his neighbor have been misrepresented by the association. He would like a greater explanation on why their family was left to represent themselves.


Old Business (Agenda 6):


Food Trucks (Agenda 6A):

There was board discussion about the safety of food trucks in the neighborhood and about seeking input from the residents. Residents on Empty Song Rd. have expressed concerns about the location. While having food trucks in the neighborhood is not illegal, perhaps there needs to be consensus on location so that neighbors are comfortable with traffic safety. Mr. Miceli suggested moving to an area where there are marked crosswalks, such as Summer Sunrise Drive. Mr. Jandu agreed.


Mr. Levine made a motion to create a Committee to let the Association take over organizing the food trucks as an association-sponsored event and for the public to understand the current food trucks are not a village sponsored event and the Association does not control them. Mr. Miceli amended the motion to say that the food trucks currently organized by Mr. Levine should cease and desist. Mr. Levine did not accept the amendment and the motion failed with no second.


Mr. Levine was asked to recuse himself from the discussion as he is a member of the Board and has also organized the food trucks on Empty Song Lane. He said he has no plans to recuse himself from the discussions.


Mr. Levine then made a new motion to create a Social Committee with intention of organizing food trucks in a neighborhood wide event as soon as possible. With no second, the motion failed.


Election Procedures (6B)

Ms. Smith reviewed the Elections Committee’s recommendation to conduct absentee voting via paper ballots and to hold online/electronic voting on Election Day. Alternatively, Ms. Smith recommended absentee voting be held using paper ballots and using the online/electronic method with in-person voting held on Election Day. The costs and procedural changes necessary were presented and discussed.


Mr. Levine made a motion for the 2021 Election to have in-person voting and put on the ballot a question about on-line voting. Mr. Ni seconded the motion. The motion passed (3-2-0). Student Advisory Votes – opposed (0-2-0).

After the vote, Mr. Miceli announced he was stepping down as Election Chair. The Board discussed including a ballot question to assess resident interest in online voting.


COVID Procedures (6C):

Ms. Smith presented modifications to the current COVID Procedures to address vaccinations and quarantining when traveling from other states (see information on file with original minutes).

Mr. White made a motion to approve the changes. Mr. Levine seconded the motion. The motion passed (5-0-0). Student Advisory Vote – in favor (2-0-0)


Ballot Question (Agenda 7A):

Mr. Levine made a motion to approve placing a question on the ballot to modify the by-laws to only hold Village Elections when there is a contest as stated in attachment 7A (on file with the meeting minutes). Mr. White seconded the motion. The motion passed (4-0-1). Student Advisory Vote – in favor (2-0-0)


It was the consensus of the Board to discuss any additional ballot questions at the March 15 meeting.


Transportation Priorities Letter (7B):

The draft letter prepared by Mr. Miceli was reviewed by the Board. He explained there is no money budgeted for the Clarksville MD 108 Streetscape Plan in county budget for FY22. Mr. Miceli noted the county is waiting to see whether the Erickson Living project will receive approval of their requested zoning change.


Mr. White made a motion to approve the letter with edits made by Ms. Smith. Mr. Levine seconded the motion. The motion passed (5-0-0). Student Advisory Votes – in favor (2-0-0)


Mr. White will sign the letter before sending it. It was the consensus that the State delegation and the County Council should be copied.


FY22 Operating Budget (7C)

Ms. Smith is working on financials for 3rd quarter as well as the 4th quarter estimates. There was discussion about the CA Budget passing and the contribution to the village associations. It was recommended a fee be charged for business participating in the parade if it is held.


Development Advisory Committee (8Ai)

Mr. Levine noted the Cedar Creek models may be open soon, the Robinson Overlook project is on schedule, and the Five Guys restaurant in the River Hill Square retail development will open soon.


Teen Advisory Committee (Agenda 8Aii):

Mr. Oh reported the TAC will have Bingo Family Fun Night on March 12, 2021 at 7 p.m. There are 10 participants signed up so far. A TAC meeting was scheduled last week and a dry run for the Bingo will be held. An ad went into the March Newsletter, the event is advertised in various online locations, and the TAC members are also sending out the information.


Traffic & Safety Committee (Agenda 8Aiii):

Mr. Miceli had nothing to report as the Transportation Letter was approved.


Watershed Committee (Agenda 8Aiv):

Mr. White reported a meeting was held on February 18, 2021.  Monthly meetings will resume, and items discussed include the Columbia Clean-up Day on May 1, holding a Pull and Plant, Storm drain stenciling, and the grant money for the raingarden.


Village Manager (Agenda 8B):

Ms. Smith provided an update on renovations which are mostly done. There was a slight odor of gas when there was an inspection of the facility for the daycare provider. This issue will be addressed by CA. Staff has written a 3-month contract for the daycare provider which will be converted to a lease when licensing has been obtained. A robotics club is also using the Meeting Room. Staff is in the office 9-2 p.m. Monday – Thursday with 2 staff in the office at a time.


Columbia Council Representative (Agenda 8C):

Ms. DuBois reported the FY22 budget was passed. There are still Board members who want to bring Haven on the Lake up for rec-consideration. CA is looking for another tenant to sublease the space.


Board Chairperson (Agenda 8D):



Board Speak Out (Agenda 9):

Mr. Levine asked about starting an Education Committee, like Oakland Mills Village and asked that it be added to the Agenda for the next meeting. Tony sent information to the Board for a Training Manual and said we may want to have an Executive Session to discuss it.


Adjournment (Agenda 10):

At 10:40 p.m., Mr. White made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Levine seconded the motion. The motion passed (5-0-0). Student Advisory Vote – in favor (2-0-0).


Submitted: Susan M. Smith, Village Manager


Minutes Approved:  March 15, 2021

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