Make a Difference: Volunteer with the River Hill Community Association

help wanted handsIn July’s newsletter, the front page article grabbed residents’ attention. Three people have already contacted the Association about serving on the Resident Architectural Committee! This is a great start. We still need at least two more residents to step up to begin the process of re-establishing the committee. So, please help us to keep the community looking great by volunteering to serve. Please contact Eva Lambright, the Covenant Advisor, at or 410-531-1749 for the details.

In July, a second position on the Board of Directors opened up. The Board of Directors appointed Jason Zagnit to fill one position. A letter of interest from another resident is still in the process of being considered, but additional letters are being solicited in case the position is still open by the September meeting. If you are interested, please submit a letter of interest by September 9 to Susan Smith at


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