Local Time Banking Program

The Columbia Association offers the Howard County Time Banking program, the Columbia Community Exchange (CCE). It is a community-based Time Banking program that provides an opportunity for neighbors to help neighbors through the mutual exchange of everyday services. The concept is simple: spend an hour doing something for a fellow member and earn a Time Dollar. Then you have a Time Dollar to buy an hour of another member’s time or service.

During this difficult economic time, this program is valuable to everyone because each person has skills that others may value. As a bartering network using the currency of time, Time Dollars value everyone’s contribution equally, allowing each person to be actively engaged in his or her community. Members trade all types of every day services, including gardening, minor home repair, transportation, computer maintenance, tutoring, etc. The services that are offered vary depending on the skills, talents, and abilities of the current members. The youth and elderly are also encouraged to participate in Time Banking.

Membership to the program is free to all who participate. All members must provide references, detail skills and offers, and to attend an orientation. Email, telephone and a Time Bank website allows members to communicate with fellow members. People are encouraged to attend offered social gatherings since people tend to exchange services with those whom they know and trust. There is a Time Bank staff that facilitates exchanges and strives to match member’s services and needs. More information is available at www.columbiaassociation.com/content/getinvolved/volunteering/


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