Local Development an Association Priority in 2016

zoningThe Association’s Board of Directors has appointed the following residents to one-year terms on the Development Advisory Committee (RHDAC): Julie Wilson, Tony Miceli, Jack Sacchetti, and Cleveland Wilson. They join Board Members Will McCullough, Committee Chairperson, and Dave Clark. The Committee will be responsible for making development-related recommendations to the Board and will continue the Association’s focus on promoting development that enhances community relationships, improves traffic conditions and public safety, provides for pedestrian and bike accessibility, and incorporates environmentally sustainable features. As needed, the RHDAC will form work groups of interested residents to focus on specific projects.
The status of several local development projects, as of the end of 2015, is given below:
• Clarksville Pike Streetscape Plan and Design Guidelines – On December 7, 2015 the Howard County Council tabled decisions on Council Resolution 169-2015 and Council Bill 51-2015. These proposed legislative changes would adopt the plan and guidelines and require that the County’s Design Advisory Panel provide design advice on any new development and redevelopment projects that are within the plan’s boundaries. The Council may reconsider these pieces of legislation as early as January 4. Or if they decide to extend the life of the bill, they may not make a decision until February 1 or March 7. It is unknown at this time whether the Council will discuss these changes during a work session.

• Antwerpen Office and Retail Project at the MD 108/Ten Oaks Road intersection – The County’s Hearing Examiner has approved the developer’s request for setback waivers. The site development plan (SDP-16-021) is under review at the County. The project includes a Chick-Fil-A restaurant, a Mr. Tire, and a drug store.

• 7410 Grace Drive Office and Retail Project – The County has approved the site development plan (SDP15-078) for the office building and parking lot. A waiver petition (WP-16-046) to permitting the removal of large trees from the property was also approved. The Association is continuing to pursue covenants to restrict uses on the property and has been awaiting feedback from the developers regarding clarification of the winery and restaurant concept.

• Simpson Oaks Residential Development – The County has notified the developer that due to emergency access and safety concerns the sketch plan (S-15-007) needs to be revised to provide two entrances to the community from Grace Drive. Changes to the stormwater management plan are also required. The deadline for submittal of a revised plan was December 28, though it can be extended. The developer is investigating whether a design can be crafted that retains a single entrance and still meet the County’s safety concerns. Pending submittal of a modified sketch plan, the County has put on hold a decision on the waiver petition requesting removal of specimen trees (WP-16-038).

Look for the Development Advisory Committee to get up and running in early 2016. They will have plenty to focus on in the new year.

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