Learn How to Combat Mosquitoes at June 22 Workshop

Mosquitoes have long been considered a pest, but the diseases spread by them have recently made international headlines.

The curious and the concerned alike are invited to “Combating Mosquitoes: Resident Workshop and Information Session,” which Columbia Association will host on June 22 from 7-8 p.m. at Claret Hall, 6020 Daybreak Circle.

Residents will learn some interesting facts about mosquitoes and how to combat mosquito breeding in their neighborhood. Attendees will also make a trap to capture adult mosquitoes in their yard.

Columbia Association conducts active mosquito surveillance in its open space, including identifying any mosquitoes found and encouraging natural mosquito predators. Columbia Association is also providing public education by teaching residents about mosquito ecology, breeding sites, and how to eliminate mosquitoes from their yards and help prevent diseases carried by mosquitoes. Something as simple as emptying standing water from your yard on a weekly basis will reduce mosquitoes and decrease the risk of Zika virus spreading in Maryland.

The Zika virus is a disease spread to humans, mainly through a bite from an infected Yellow Fever mosquito. The majority of Zika cases are asymptomatic, with only one in five cases showing signs of infection (fever, rash, pink eye, muscle pains). There currently is no vaccine for Zika virus, but personal protection (long sleeves, repellant) and source reduction (removing water-holding containers and sources of standing water from your yard) are the best ways to reduce disease risk.

Although Maryland is at the extreme end of the Yellow Fever mosquito’s range, we do have another potential Zika carrier in the Asian tiger mosquito. The Asian tiger mosquito lays eggs on the sides of small containers (i.e. planters, vases, buckets, downspouts, tarps) and the eggs hatch after it rains. The Asian tiger mosquito does not breed in large bodies of water.

To find out more about mosquitoes, how to prevent breeding, and to make a trap to capture adult mosquitoes in your yard – attend the workshop on June 22! Pre-register by emailing riverhill@villageofriverhill.org.




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