June 2024 Election Recap: Voting, Shredding, and Free Plants

The River Hill Community Association (RHCA) recently held annual elections for two seats on the Board of Directors. River Hill residents cast 137 ballots, electing Kevin Bruening and Balbir Lakhanpal to the Board of Directors. Congratulations to our winners!

RHCA appreciates the volunteer members of the Election Committee who were integral to making the election a success, Ron Briggs, Eric Greenberg, and April Battle. Also, a thank you to the Village staff, who sacrificed time and energy to ensure a successful election process. Most importantly, thank you to the countless village residents, who volunteered and voted. They had the opportunity to
meet their neighbors, shred documents, and receive free native plants.

Volunteer opportunities are numerous throughout the year, offering the residents the chance to meet neighbors, learn new skills, and have fun experiences. Currently, residents are needed for the Architectural Committee. No experience is needed. Contact the Village Manager for more information at manager@villageofriverhill.org.