June 18, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Dipper Wettstein, Board Chair, called the regularly scheduled meeting to order at 7:03 p.m., on June 18, 2012, at Claret Hall, 6020 Daybreak Circle, Clarksville, MD 21029.  Members present were Jenny Chu, DengFeng Liu, Tony Miceli, and Liyan Zhang.  Michael Cornell, Columbia Council Representative, and Susan Smith, Village Manager, were present. Todd Harrison, Kenny Kan, and Sean Salisbury (Student Member) were absent.

Approval of the Agenda (Agenda 2):

Mr. Miceli made a motion to approve the agenda as presented.  Mr. Zhang seconded the motion.  The motion passed (5-0-0).

Administrative Items (Agenda 3):

Mr. Wettstein made a motion to approve the June 4, 2012 Minutes.  Mr. Zhang seconded the motion.  The motion passed (5-0-0).

Resident Speak Out (Agenda 4):

Paul Buchanan, Whaleboat Dr., gave an update on the post office and explained that the Post Office will not consider opening new locations until a statewide study is completed.  Mr. Buchanan suggested that a centrally located “snorkel” type drop box would be helpful in the meantime and agreed to investigate this option further. 

Michael Cardany, Kimco Realty Property Manager (Agenda 5):

Michael Cardany provided an update on village center maintenance: Freestate Landscaping is the new contractor; landscaping improvements have been made at the entrances to the center; the fountain is being re-sealed and the electrical components being replaced so it should be running shortly; three new sets of tables and chairs have been ordered and will include umbrellas; Red Mango has opened an the center is fully occupied; Kimco worked with BGE to retrofit the parking lot with more energy efficient lighting resulting in a 50% reduction in energy costs; asphalt repairs are being made as needed.  Mr. Cardany explained that Kimco is interested in becoming more environmentally focused and is investigating the installation of recycling containers and dumpsters for recycling.  Kimco staff is also researching the installation of electric car charging stations.

During discussion with the Board and members of the Master Plan Committee who were in attendance, concerns were raised about the frequency of power washing the concrete.  The center is power washed 3 – 4 times/year, Mr. Cardany agreed to schedule power washing in the next week or two.  It was noted that the merchant dumpsters are often overfilled and it was requested that Kimco investigate the use of larger dumpsters or more frequent pick-up.  The need for convenient, short-term parking was discussed.  Signage at the village center was raised as a concern for merchants who have to compete with businesses along MD 108 who do not have the same restrictions.  Mr. Cardany indicated that Kimco is pursuing this and there are funds in the 2013 budget for additional signage.  It was suggested that signage directing customers to the businesses adjacent to the courtyard is also needed.

FY12 4th Quarter Financial Reports and Variance Analysis (Agenda 6A):

Ms. Smith reviewed the 4th Quarter Financial Statements and Variance Analysis.  Mr. Miceli made a motion to approve the statements.  Mr. Zhang seconded the motion.  The motion passed (5-0-0).

FY12 Facility Use Report (Agenda 6B):

Ms. Smith reviewed the FY12 Facility Use Report.  Mr. Miceli made a motion to approve the report.  Mr. Liu seconded the motion.  The motion passed (5-0-0).

Student Member Committee Charter (Agenda 6C):

Board Members reviewed the current Charter and discussed amending the document to eliminate the requirement that students reside in the Village of River Hill.  Mr. Miceli made a motion to amend the Student Member Committee Charter to allow any student, whether a River Hill resident or not, to serve on this Committee.  Mr. Zhang seconded the motion.  The motion passed (5-0-0).

Mr. Miceli made a motion to approve the Charter with the amendments discussed and to re-advertise the position(s) through August 15, 2012.  Mr. Zhang seconded the motion.  The motion passed (5-0-0).

Scout Troop 618 – Chartering Update (Agenda 7A):

Ms. Smith reviewed the information collected to date regarding the Chartering Organization’s responsibilities and the need to appoint a Chartered Organization Representative to serve as a liaison between the troop and the association.  The Board Members in attendance expressed interest in pursuing becoming a chartering organization and requested that Ms. Smith check further on the insurance coverage.  The Board discussed seeking counsel on the matter.

Manager’s Report (Agenda 8A):

A copy of the written report is on file with the original minutes.  Ms. Smith reported that Mr. Kan will present the Association’s Donaldson Funeral Home input to the Board of Appeals at a future hearing.  Ms. Smith encouraged the Board to review the PlanHoward 2030 documents.  Ms. Smith made the Board aware that the County plans to re-surface Great Star Drive and that the plan is to include bike lanes when the road is re-striped.  Mr. Miceli asked to discuss the plans with DPW prior to the work being done.  Mr. Zhang volunteered to attend the Williamsburg Homes pre-submission meeting to be held on June 28.  Ms. Smith informed the Board that it appears that the Middle Patuxent Nursery School will be closing.  Ms. Smith informed the Board that the Association’s broker is still working to secure D & O insurance coverage.  Ms. Smith and the Board reviewed the plans for the installation of a caterer parking pad adjacent to Claret Hall and Ms. Smith will provide feedback to CA.

Board Chair Report (Agenda 8B):


Council Representative Report (Agenda 8C):

Mr. Cornell reported that the CA Board had accepted and filed the Aquatics Master Plan.  He explained that the plan places the pools in three categories: destination, community, and neighborhood pools.  The River Hill pool is considered a “community” pool and the Columbia Gym is a “destination” pool.  He informed the Board that CA is examining alternatives for its headquarters, and is also focusing on Symphony Woods, further sustainability projects, completion of lake dredging, and connectivity improvements for cycling and pedestrians.

He also reported that the CA Board has several closed meetings coming up. 

Liaisons (Agenda 8D)


Board Speak Out (Agenda 9):


Adjournment (Agenda 10):

Mr. Zhang made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:36 p.m.  Mr. Miceli seconded the motion.  The motion passed (5-0-0).

Minutes submitted by: Susan M. Smith, Village Manager

Minutes Approved:  July 16, 2012

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