June 17, 2020 – August 5, 2020 Architectural Decisions

August 5, 2020

5917 Gentle Call: Landscape

5958 Gentle Call: Deck Material Change, Privacy Fence

6301 Velvet Path: Enclosure 4 season room

6508 Evening Company Circle: Screened Porch

6525 Radiant Gleam Way: Fence

6620 Rising Waves Way: Pool Part 2

July 15, 2020

6428 Departed Sunset Lane: Screened Porch

Approved with Condition

6620 Rising Waves Way: Pool Part 1

6408 Empty Song Road: Patio, Tree Additions

6512 Radiant Gleam Way: Fence, Tree Removal

12029 Floating Clouds Path: Play Equipment, Basketball Equipment

July 1, 2020

5913 Gentle Call: Privacy Fence

6408 Empty Song Road: Patio

6124 Rippling Tides Terrace: Patio


6521 Waving Tree: Court Patio

June 17, 2020

6605 Gleaming Sand Chase: Deck, Screened Porch

7104 Morning Light Trail Deck Remodel, Gazebo


6409 Warm Sunshine Path: Tree Removal

12128 Flowing Water Trail: Color Change: Front Door, Shutters

6385 Grateful Heart Gate: Solar Panels

6409 Liquid Laughter Lane: Color Change: Siding

5911 Fall Moon Ride: Tree Removal

6505 Evensong Mews: Color Change: Roof, Garage Door

5909 Hay Boat Court: Tree Removal

6620 Forest Shade Trail: Material Change: Walkway

5705 Little Bells Row: Drainage, Color Change: Shutters, Front Door

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