July Architectural Decisions

AC Decisions
July 7, 2021
No Meeting

June 16, 2021
6433 River Run: Patio
5705 Western Sea Run: Deck
5709 Whistling Winds Walk: Retaining Walls, Planter

Approved with Condition(s)
6327 Victorious Song Lane Patio

June 2, 2021
No Meeting

May 19, 2021
Approved with Condition
6490 Empty Song Road: Tree Removals

6432 Grateful Heart Gate: Patio

6429 Grateful Heart Gate: Material Change: Deck
6409 Empty Song Road: Front Door Replacement
5809 Silent Sun Way: Walkway
6609 Towering Oak Path: Tree Removal
7052 Garden Walk: Pergola
6384 Grateful Heart Gate: Tree Removal
12009 Floating Clouds Path: Trampoline
6300 Eastern Star Way: Color Change: Roof
5916 Indian Summer Drive: Walkway, Drainage
6600 Forest Shade Trail: Tree Removal
5916 Indian Summer Drive: Patio, Drainage
6416 Autumn Sky Way: Roof Solar Panels
7024 Best Times Path: Style Change: Door, Security
6437 River Run: Deck & Patio: Material Change
6558 River Run: Tree Removal

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